For International Peace Day 2017, Build Up and International Alert are partnering to build a flock of robots to share messages of peace on Twitter. Our aim is to reach as many people as possible with peace messages, and get #peaceday trending on Twitter in as many places as possible.

Bots are used by organisations, both small and large to provide services, promote services and, sometimes to mimic human interaction. Bots have been used in a multitude of different ways, including during elections to act as a platform for political parties, to allow people to order pizza, book an Uber as well as more light-hearted efforts such as tweeting poetry, safety tips and beyond.

If bots can be used to help influence people and to provide a service that isn’t total reliant on human interaction, how can we leverage this activity to help propagate messages around peace?

Build Up and International Alert are working in partnership to engage the general public to join us in developing a large number of Twitter bots. The ‘flock of peacebots’ will tweet random messages / images of peace, along with the hashtag #peaceday, with the aim of getting the hashtag trending on or around the UN International Day of Peace on September 21.

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